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We have put all our sincere endeavour to set-up an Seva- Trust at an affordable fee structure. It needs to be sustainable if all of us join together to address its core issues. The local people living all around the trust should lend their hands for its growth & development. The synergistic support to each other paves new avenues for its sustainable growth.

Donations and support

Someone wants your help

Dear Donors I think you are happy , you have different types of food to eat, a decorated home to live and so many types of clothes to change every day?but do you know your other brothers and sisters do not get a little bit of above facilities. We come forward to fulfill the small small wants of our children to make them happy but who can make happy an orphan, who can take care in bad times like dangerious diseases. A poor child has need of food , clothes and shelter , he has also dreams ...... Please Streach your hands to help them....
Waiting for your kindhearted steps....


Please wire your desired donation to the bank account below.
Gurukul Seva Trust
Indian Bank
A/C no- 50503431525

*It is also possible to bring it in person to the Trust’s administrative office.
*Anonymous donations are also accepted.

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